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Grinders Baron Burg Eye

Another eye reference.Slope asians facial description, self-explanatory.Also slopehead slope head asians their faces are rather slopped smack asians they look like theyve been smacked in the forehead, giving a slope and a squint to their eye.Socket face asians thier eyes are slitted, like the electrical sockets on a wall.Soy.

The Gypsys Parson By George Hall Gutenberg

The gypsys parson.Frontispiece.Facing page.A romany lass.6.The camp in the lane.20.A daughter of jasper petulengro 28.On the moorland.36.A north-country gypsy girl.36.Round the camp-fire.48.A child of the caravan.48.A rest by the way.62.A wayside idyl.68.Children of the open air.68.On the look-out.72.The gypsy.

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