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Leca Clay Pellets Hydroponic Gardening Marbles

Pros and cons of hydroton clay pebbles in hydroponics.Aug 24 2016 clay pebbles or hydroton sometimes referred to as lecalight expanded clay aggregate are a hydroponic substrate with units about the size of marbles or peanuts because theyre so lightweight easy for transplanting and harvesting and easy on the hands theyre a favorite of small producers using media bed or dutch bucket.

Expanded Clay Kaseo Heavy Machinery

Expanded clay pellets wholesale prices buy clay pellets.Plantt expanded clay pellets 10 l 995 hydrofarms growt clay pebbles are a strong natural material used for aerating grow media providing drainage or for decoration growt clay pebbles can be used in grow media for hydroponic hydroculture or aquaponics growing systems growt clay.

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