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Straight Grate Process

Cpt combines proven process with reliable mechanical system design criteria cpt is based on proven straight grate induration process simple and robust plant equipment circular design and small footprint capacities between 0.6 - 3.0 mio.Tons year flexibility on location -.

11 Taconite Ore Processing

X straight grate furnace feed 3-03-023-79 y vertical shaft furnace feed 3-03-023-69 z hearth layer feed to furnace 3-03-023-48 aa gratekiln, gas-fired, acid pellets 3-03-023-51.Figure 11.23 - 1.Process flow diagram for taconite ore processing.Refer to table 11.23-1 for source classification codes 297 taconite ore processing 11.23-5.

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