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Lasbela Mines Thesis

Almasoodi takes the book upto 300 b.C.In this old book, there is a mention of gurjar desa.Date of gurjar desa prior to panch tantra and date of gurjar tribe prior to gujar desa lead us many centuries before christ.Gurjar desa was a desert where camels were in abundance, so it consisted of west punjab now in pakistan and west rajasthan.

Annual Report 2018 Baloch Human Rights

Noor ahmed, a schoolteacher by profession, was extrajudicially killed and his dead body dumped in meerabad area of tump district kech, balochistan, on 2nd january 2018.He is a resident of pollbd, tump district kech, and is the uncle of karima baloch, ex-chairperson of bso-azad, who is in exile in canada for last three years.

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