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Problem Regarding Powder Milling

Wet granulation when powders are very fine, fluffy, will not stay blended, or will not compress, then they must be granulated.Fluffy is not a tech-nical term, but it fits the problem well it means that the re-quired quantity of powder physically will not fit into the die cavity on the tablet press.The volume of fill bulk density is.

Developing An Orally Inhaled Dry Powder

Mona plougmannegetty images the delivery of an orally inhaled api to the deep lung can be performed using different drug-delivery platforms, such as nebulizers, pressurized metered dose inhalers pmdi, and dry powder inhalers dpi.Dpis are increasingly becoming a more important drug delivery option and are expected to hit double-digit figures, reaching global sales of 31.5 billion in.

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