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Cascades Shuts Down Coated Thunder Bay Mill

A safety first tunnel out in the cascades the chicago, milwaukee and st.Paul railroad has just completed, after two years work, a 12,000-foot bore through the granite and slate of the mountains without the loss of a single life.The st.Gothard tunnel in switzerland, which is similar to the st.Pauls, took eight years to build and cost 800.

Yorkshire Painted And Described By Gordon Home.

The smooth, well-built road, with short grass filling the crevices between the stones, urges us to follow its straight course northwards but the sternest and most remarkable portion of upper newton dale lies to the left, across the deep heather, and we are tempted aside to reach the lip of the sinuous gorge nearly a mile away to the west, where the railway runs along the marshy and boulder.

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